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#mydeclaration "mon corps est le temple de Saint-Esprit, il ne peut etre detruit"

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Yesssssooooop Our God is so powerful, there's none like Him

Our children are blessed and great is their peace and they are taught of the Lord. Christ is their life and habitation. #mydeclaration

#mydeclaration...The Lord is the strength of life; I'm abundantly supplied & blessed beyond measure. I walk in the accuracy of God's Spirit

The Lord is the strength of my life therefore I’m strengthened,I’m full of health and life #mydeclaration

I live in absolute and overwelming victory

Oscar neath ukulele is coming back this year in the name of JESUS. #myfaithdeclraration

My life is an unending stream of the supernatural. #mydeclaration

The Lord's presence dwells in my family; we enjoy supernatural strength,supply,wisdom,knowledge,abilities,insight and health #myDeclaration

#mydeclaration I experience the fullness of Gods word in this year of the supernatural in every area of my life and family

I am Abraham seed. Possessor of all things. I am at the right place at the right time #Mydeclaration

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