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#mydeclaration #George Sandy Campuses have been handed to me to declare the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus

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#declaration The Lord is light and salvation. The Lord is my Shepard I have everything I need .I have wisdom ,therefore I am wise.

The lines have fallen on to me in pleasant places I have a goodly heritage #mydeclaration

#mydeclaration I am a solution to nations. I am of God and I have wealth to do the kingdom assignment. I am a voice to nations.

The Lord is the lifter of my head. I excel above all expectations. #mydeclaration

As for me and my family all things work together for our good, our promotion and for our exaltation, glory to God unmerited favour is wth us

#Mydeclarations Am a success, my marriage is flourishing for the Lord

The word of the Lord shall prevail through me in the mighty Jesus christ.

I’m a beacon of light to my world, a life giver, a champion, one who fights the battles of others.I’m anointed for greatness #mydeclaration

I am wise and my mind is opened, doors of opportunities are opened to me #MyDeclaration

Im a champion forever.. Nothing is impossible to me! No limitations to me. I walk in an avalanche of miracles and blessings #mydeclaration

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