Ben Mago #CEROTHERHAMUKVZONE2: #Mydeclarations Am a success, my on KingsChat Web

#Mydeclarations Am a success, my marriage is flourishing for the Lord

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I am a success , am flourishing , am weaithy , am wise #mydecalaration

The Lord is the lifter of my head. I excel above all expectations. #mydeclaration

I am complete in Christ, I am sufficient in His sufficiency. I am in shortage of nothing, for Christ is my completeness. #MyDeclaration.

#mydeclaration I am a solution to nations. I am of God and I have wealth to do the kingdom assignment. I am a voice to nations.

#Mydeclaration My faith is working and producing great result.

#mydeclaration Je suis l'expression de l'excellence et de la perfection de Dieu. Ma bouche est remplie de louanges et de témoignes

#mydeclaration my sons are giants for the gospel of our Lord Jesus and as they grow they walk in the perfect will of God for their lives

#mydeclaration The Lord is my shepherd I shall not lack anything and I lay up gold as dust.

Jesus! Lover of my soul #mydeclaration #cendgmtl #cemontreal #cecanada

#mydeclaration I pray that Gods angels are dealing with my doc and my leave to remain in UK will be grant on or before March in Jesus name.

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