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#mydeclaration ,My house is the Holly ground

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Am full of God,in me are hid all the treasures of wisdom ad knowledge,d lord is the strength of my life,I am exalted, Glory. #mydecleration

10 in one all for you Amen Amen Amen #Mydaclaration #CeAccraGhanazone #CECapeCoast

#my declaration My children are for signs and wonders and instruments for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ hallelujah

Der is a shift in d realm of d spirit. Change has taken place in my family & school. D wod of God is prevailing lik never be4#mydeclearation

Am a success #mydeclararion

#mydeclaration Sis gift... I declare that am a life giving spirit am an agent of change I declare nations and kings are coming to me.

#mydeclaration i have understanding and interpret hard questions. Nothing is difficult for me.

The Lord is the Rock and the fortress of my family, we are Blessed beyond measure& a great Blessing to everyone around us #mydeclaration

My songs will bring reconciliation to many Hallelujah #mydeclaration

Stephen Okwedi: God has made me the answer to many years. The Wisdom to take all nations for Christ is inside me. #mydeclaration

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