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My advancement & increase will shake Lebanon! TOO DEEP! #Prayingnow #mydeclaration

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My family and I are strengthened in the Lord and we are working in light of God's word all the days of our life #mydecaration

I declare that the lines are fallen unto me and my family, every pending project is completed with speed this year #mydeclarations

All nations shall respondPastor Biodin #Prayingnow #Zimbabwe #GlobalPrayerWeek #cekwekwe

#declearation.a life of super abundance

#prayingnow#CEcaen#france As Solomon had this testimony I also have this testimony in Jesus name Amen.

#mydeclaration I am living the supernatural life naturally. Through me, this nation Nigeria and the nations of the world shall be blessed.

The word of God is growing strong in me, I'm impacting my world with the gospel and many are coming to the knowledge of the master. #mydecla

I declare that there is no struggle. I bless the work of my hand n of my husband.We become a solution every where we re found#Mydeclaration

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR DEAR ESTEEMED SIS PEGGY OAKS UKPOLA. Today we Celebrate Love, Passion and Excellence. It's 10 year in 1 for you. Enjoy the Supernatural life We Love you Dearly #NCVZ1 #TeamCEJosNCVZ1Rocks

I declare that my sufficiency is of God.#mydeclaration

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