davidmomodu6@gmail.com: Seigneur j'ai une foi abondante on KingsChat Web

Seigneur j'ai une foi abondante dans mes prière et j'ai une compréhension plus approfondie dans mon travail #Madeclaration

I've got the life of God in me and I shine all day #my declaration


#Mydeclaration,I am the righteousness of Christ Jesus therefore am complete in all that I do. Amen

#mydeclaration I declare that I live the life God has called me to live. All I do prospers. I reign and rule in this life.

God's word is a light unto my path.I never miss my way.I know where to go! #mydeclaration

The time has come in Cameroon. I will be part of change of my country . No weapon of my ennemies can hit me alleluiaa#prayingnow#cameroon

Am Gods battle axe with me he ld cut down, destroy and uproot everything that is not consistent with his word. Am his glory#mydeclaration

I Thank You Dear Heavenly Father for You have made my life beautiful. I praise you for all you've done for me. Amen! #mydeclaration

#prayingnow #Italy #AMEN

#mydelaration I walk in prosperity. All creation is working together for my good

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