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I have surpernatural insight. What work for God, work for me. I will never struggle to succeed in life. # mydecleration

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I am a carrier and dispenser of liberty; financial, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual liberty to my world.

My family & my children are blessed and united. We are taking our ministry global. My Residency in confirmed and I receive all the benefits.

Live in LCC the grand finale of the week of prayer with my great man of God pastor Chris. #themonthofchange

I declare that am flourishing on every side, am making progress, I have supernatural abilities.

#GlobalPrayerWeek Christ is my wisdom. I walk in health, favor and prosperity. The lines are falling unto me in pleasant places.

I declare in d name of Jesus dt all things are working out 4 my good , my future is bright, my change of status from B1 to F1 is a success.

I request for increase grace and understanding of God's word like never before and all that God has said concerning mylife shall come t pass

I declare Tony Jade and Andrew experience a burning desire for Jesus and the things of God. They become hungry for the word

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The word is working in me mightily, the word prevail over my spirit soul and body.

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