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Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Words so simple but yet true and full of power!Thank you Sis @charlettevelez my ❤️ was full as you ministered #BLWUSARetreat

#MTC2018 is march 30!

Something is about to happen . . . #supersundayblwcentral

Updated his profile photo

There is power when PDD ministers. You just 🌪 out of this world 😭 #FireintheUSA #CMDintheUSA #BLWUSARetreat #BLWUSAGroup2

And the number of disciples increase.. #CeMaiduguri #KmC #Easterrealities

Something awesome Something extraordinary Something heavenly Something miraculous Something out-of-this-world #supersundayblwcentral

Updated her profile photo

God's power will be evidently present to bring about a divine transformation in the lives of all that'll be present #supersundayblwcentral

"The life we have in Christ is one of great glory and prosperity, but it’s a life lived in, and by the Word."

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