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#Highlights of Second Session Day 1 Pastor Teaches on Three important things that Jesus made possible 1- Remission of Sins: Jesus made remission of sin possible; the Bible declares through this made the remission of sins... The complete removal the blotting out of sins. Jesus made it possible By his sacrificial death. It’s a big deal that’s huge. 2- Eternal life; he made the life and nature of God possible for us. The God kind of life. it comes with something so powerful. With a beautiful package. The life of God comes with righteousness. You have one nature with the father. You are made right with God. You are born of him. When you receive Christ into your heart you receive the divine life. Suddenly you are awakened to the fatherhood of God. Righteousness becomes your nature. 3- Jesus made fellowship with God possible; it’s not possible for a human to have fellowship with God. To make it possible he gave us the wonderful Holy Spirit to live in us. The Holy Spirit makes it possible, he energizes us leads us directs us. Acts 1:8 now we are witnesses because with have received power to demonstrate heavenly realities. This is the message that’s changing the world. These three important elements is what is about FAITH, HOPE, LOVE we obtained remission of sin by FAITH By HOPE we received eternal life LOVE that’s what the fellowship is about. He loved us so much he pulled us into himself. We will never walk alone! #USAREGION #YourLoveWORLD

#Highlights of Second Session Day #Highlights of Second Session Day

Thank you Sir for believing in me You have taught me to believe in myself #blwkenyazone #pf22

Thank you Sir for the numerous opportunities you have given me to serve #blwkenyazone #pf22

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BLW Kenya Zone is producing more zones, gloory #pf22 #blwkenyazone

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Showing on Loveworld. A great time of Inspiration

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#GFMN street storm and special invite of the FRSC Ijanikin Unit to GFMN. TPOYM and Faith Proclamation CD was also distributed. Glory!!!

#healingnow #HSPN


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