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Righteousness Speaks The phrase “the righteousness which is of faith” in the verse above is a rather interesting one. It’s rendered in the original Greek as “the ‘of faith’ righteousness,” thus, giving personality to the word, “righteousness”; and that righteousness, he says, “speaks.” “The ‘of faith’ righteousness” speaks. So, righteousness talks; it doesn’t keep quiet. Often, we say, Christianity is for talkers; we speak righteousness, just as we speak wisdom. The righteousness of God is the truth of God; it’s the reality concerning any situation. So when we affirm the Word, we’re speaking righteousness, we’re speaking God’s language of faith. ... If you’d confess or affirm the same things that God has said about you in His Word, they’d become real in your life. You ought to, on the basis of what God has said, declare, “I’m sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency; I’m up to any task. I produce excellence and works of righteousness, because Christ is my ability and sufficiency.” That’s speaking the righteousness of God, the rightness of God about who you are, and what you can do in Christ.

Righteousness Speaks The phrase “the

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Glory! Its my Poppa's birthday. One of a kind, God's precious gift. Thank you for teaching me d way of d spirit, its d best life

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Happy birthday Pastor Sir.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY OUR HERO DADDY! LoveWorld Schools joyfully celebrates the birthday of our champion daddy, our hero  and role model Father, an impeccable expression of divine royalty and our excellent example of astute leadership, our beloved President BLW Inc., Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome DSc. DD. Pastor, thank you for blazing trails that stir our passion to become the greatness you exemplify. We are thrilled to celebrate you today, Our ever burning and shining star dad.  Your magnificent  life of love and faith with great works remains our invaluable map. We are so blessed and privileged to walk the path of your wise example; and your words have become the map to guide us through life's journey, the compass to steer our earthly voyage upward and forward only.  You have made our lives so beautiful and imparted in us such gigantic dreams that all we know to do is touch lives and change the world. Three hearty cheers to our most phenomenal dad!!! Happy Birthday. We love and celebrate you always Our Champion! #Dec7 #HappyBirthdayOurHero #LoveWorldSchool

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Happy birthday pastor sir. I love you sir. #CE AKENFA2

SIGHTS FROM THE WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS IN HONOUR OF OUR MAN OF GOD.... #CelebratingPastorChris #CelebratingGodsGift #Dec7 #KenyalovesPastorChris #KenyaCelebratesPastorChris

Happy birthday sir

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