The InnerCity Mission for Children: #EveryChildisyourchild, even Street Children! Our on KingsChat Web

#EveryChildisyourchild, even Street Children! Our Man of God #PastorChris says... "Remember, every child is your child. Don't ignore children, they are our extension, they are our future. No matter how dirty they are, think again, one day YOU were just that small but you were fortunate to have someone help you. Many of these children are fortunate to have US if we would only open our hearts and mind." Join us to help street children as we commemorate The International day for Street Children tomorrow - 12th of April. Give today to show your support⏩ #EndChildpovertynow

#EveryChildisyourchild, even Street Children! Our

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Updated his profile photo

Let me hear Your whisper God, I hang on every word 'Cause You're the only friend Who can set my soul at ease #Bornagain #EnthronedInMy❤️

Exceptionalism is my hallmark and excellence is my trademark! I am THE NEW SUPERMAN! #CEScarb #CECR #TheNewSuperman

Bitcoin Revolution

If there is a Goliath in front of you. There is a David inside of you. I am THE NEW SUPERMAN! #CEScarb #CECR #TheNewSuperman

The supernatural is my playing field! I am THE NEW SUPERMAN! #CEScarb #CECR #TheNewSuperman

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There is much more the Holy Spirit can do for you than speaking in tongues. He is the Power at work inside of you💥 #Influence #blwzimzone

RHEMA time. The gospel is the only power unto salvation. Search the scriptures and meditate on the right msgs. #cesazone1 #rbg2 #RORTCVol5

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