mattia Esposito: #Ukvirtualzone1 outreach!!! Is our year on KingsChat Web

#Ukvirtualzone1 outreach!!! Is our year of the Supernatural!

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A Supernatural Happy Birthday to you Your Excellency, my dearest and ever loving Deacon. Congratulations sir. I love you sir. #DKO1604

Upgrade for financial explosion #blwzonej #blwiuokada #l.i.f.e

APRIL ZONAL CELL MINISTRY OUTREACH tagged "DAY OF BLISS". APRIL 26, 27, 28. Get ready for a life changing and impactful meeting...

#CeWarriZone #ShiningLightCell #MensConvention


Our Cell Ministry day was a glorious one Pastor fellowshiped with all the cells God's presence was tangible new souls were added.

#CeWarriZone #ShiningLightCell #MensConvention

Happy Birthday Sir!!.. Thank you for being a blessing to us all. A father to the core. We love you so dearly Sir. Happy Happy Birthday

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