Angela Abiodun: Wow! Happy Birthday Sis. We’ve on KingsChat Web

Wow! Happy Birthday Sis. We’ve come a long way and I’ve watched you grow in the things of God tremendously. You are a blessing to us all.

Wow! Happy Birthday Sis. We’ve Wow! Happy Birthday Sis. We’ve

Today is such a beautiful day and you are one of the reasons why it is. Happy birthday Pastor Foluke Kudehinbu, born with a golden heart. Thank you for all you do. I love you dearly😍😍😍

@Urflames are ready for US! #TheMandateWithTAK #LMAM #Ajuwon #Akute #Lambe #Alagbole #CEexpressgroup #CElagoszone1

FRIDAY 27 APRIL 2018 FAITH IN ACTION WITH PASTOR RUTH MUSARURWA Genesis 32:24 KJV And Jacob was left alone; and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day. When Jacob was at a crossroads in his life, it took a divine visitation from the Lord for him to experience his much desired turnaround. He was alone one day an angel came to him & wrestled with him all night long. At the break of dawn, he realized the angel wasn't an ordinary angel but the Spirit Himself & pleaded to bless him. That was the day the Lord changed his name from "Jacob" which meant "usurper" or "swindler" to "Israel," which means "a prince of power with God." That divine visitation changed his destiny and set him on the path of greatness. It is your set time for divine visitations! Praise God! #cesazone5 #supernatural #influence

It's 8 days 4 RORRUK 2018 & 8 things 2b aware of: Your: 1. Prayers 2. Financial involvement 3. T-shirt 4. Permission from work granted 5. Awareness of the outreach 6. Active publicity 7. Influence 8.Time & commitment #RORRUK2018 #UKVZ3 #LOVEZONE #CEPERIVALE

if i have to write an epistle about you...i will keep writing forever..Words are not enough to express who and what you are to me.. i love you like kilode.Your boldness makes me bolder.your courage makes me courageous. Today is not enough to celebrate you big sister. HBD mama💋❤

Happy Birthday M.Christine 🎁🎈🎉Glorious Things Are Spoken Of You. We Celebrate You Ma. God Bless You Richly, I Love You!

Bonfire session for teens in Kenya Zone. #CeKenyaZone #Fireforyourfuture

Happy Birthday Sweetheart. A new day is dawned. It's the £upernatural all year long in all areas. Tks 4 being my wife. I love you dearly💖💙

Gloria sempre crescente a #yourloveworld. Scarica l'app CeTunes e non perderti il Soprannaturale. Su tutte le stazioni della Rete Love World Radio

GYLF INFLUENCE INCREASES IN MOZAMBIQUE The influence of the Global Youth Leaders’ Forum keep increasing in the nation of Mozambique as GYLF ambassador, Fatima Suale reached out to youth in the slum popularly called Hulene Rubbish. She reached out to over a hundred of them ministering the word of God to them. And many of them gave their lives to Christ. Praise God! #GYLF #ImpactwithPastorChris

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