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We're making history!!! #anighttoremember

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Jesus is the Ocean of my Wealth,the edifice Pleroma Academy stands in few months,My partnership with the Gospel speak volumes.

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Labour Day was marked in style in BlwUon, with Various cells holding their trainings and soul winning activities #blwcampusministryrocks #blwkenyazone #blwuon

#SupernaturalPYK #PKY

#SupernaturalPYK #PKY

Ayanu m owe m ekiri onye ndi Nsukka bea anyi... Ayanu m owe m ekiri onye..... Nkea ha bu nke anyi..... #AN2R #MCC4C #BLWCampusMinistryRocks

The Final session of BUSINESS SEMINAR / PRAYER & PROPHECY Meeting was impactful with the powerful ministration of God's Word, Prayers and Prophecies that transported God's People to the next level of their journey of faith in this year of the Supernatural. The brethren were greatly imparted, influenced and inspired to go forth and win in the market place of life. Glory to God! Halleluyah! Thank you dear highly esteemed Pastor Taiwo Ma for glorious closing session. #cekzone

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We are making History in UNN.. We are getting ready. #MCC4C #campusministryrocks #blwunn #AN2R #Anighttoremember

Life is a precious gift from God, bundled with so much blessings for our enjoyment.  Sadly, many around the world today are yet to realise this truth. They take on a  futile search for happiness, fulfillment and meaning in life, trying to find their reason for being. They wander without direction for years to end up living unfulfilled lives, with a whole lot of potentials and abilities in them, yet untapped. The good news, however is that the knowledge of God's Word is what a man requires to navigate his way through life to the place of his dreams.  On the 8th of May, I will be hosting an Online Conference tagged" Increasing Your Potentials, Surpassing Your Expectations", showing on CEFLIX, Facebook and YouTube from 6:00pm - 7:00pm.  I will be sharing with you from God's Word, how you get more from your life and be the best of you.  Your life would certainly be transformed. Don't miss it. #IPSE2018

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