Grace Awortwi: Happy Birthday Bro. Archibold. You on KingsChat Web

Happy Birthday Bro. Archibold. You are my teacher,my couch, and my inspiration. You are the icon of divinity,the icon of Grace........

Happy Birthday Bro. Archibold. You

#CEBEDFORD #RROR2018 #StrongNation

I'm using #OLX, buying and selling is there much easier:

Happy anniversary to our dear Bro Gabriel & sis Linda Edema we love u #blwhammersmith #ukzone2 #rorruk2018 🇬🇧🇬🇧

Happy Supernatural Birthday Bro. Archibold. Thank you for your passion, commitment and zeal the work of the ministry. I love you dearly.



LORD thank You for the awesome privilege to take Your divine presence to the people in the UK through the RORR carnival #RORRUK2018 #UKVZI

The icon on unity,the icon of unity and the icon of Giving. I love you so much Honey. God bless you.

Hallelujah,you know that moment you are waiting for something and it looks it it far meanwhile it just like an hour away. I am not missing this meeting for anything. Hallelujah ready to receive. Gloooorrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy Love you sir., #cewa#ceaccraghanazone

#rapsody of realities compendium #

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