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Happy Birthday Brother Archibold Awortwi. We love and appreciate you dearly #CeAccraGhanaZone #Supernatural

Happy Birthday Brother Archibold Awortwi.
cindy allotey


Wow, Happy Birthday Sir, I love you dearly #Ceaccraghanazone #Cesunyani

Vandyck~~ThE eQuAL PaRtaKEr


Happy favoured month of may n keep flourishing super abundantly in this year of the supernatural..happy birthday sir n thank u very much for ur guidance in the ministry. I love u dearly.

Pastor Emerald Gaskin Shining Light


Happy Favoured Birthday Esteemed Pastor. I love you

Semedo K. Bruno


Happy blessed birthday Sir. #CE Mallam

James Alorwu


Supernatural Birthday Pastor Sir

Daniel Wealth


Happy birthday Sir. #ceaccraghanazone #ceinchaban

Yaw B


Happy birthday Sir!

Kemeh Felix


Happy Supernatural Birthday Bro Archbold Sir. I love you dearly Sir. #ceaccraghanazone #cehomain

Gordon Waliou Aguiar


Happy birthday sir

Puplampu Michael Rangemax


Happy supernatural birthday sir

Yipaalanaa Simon Minideme


Happy birthday to you Sir. I love and appreciate you dearly.

Ebenezer Amoako


Happy birthday my big Brother,Glorious things are spoken of you, keep flourishing and shinning.

michael tetteh


Happy birthday sir

Pst Andrew Amanor


Happy birthday Sir. God bless you

Gideon Selorm Attakpah


Happy Birthday Bro Archibold. You're A Blessing

Happy Birthday dear sis Rita Opuashi. Thank you so much for your excellence in what you do. I love you.

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#rapsody of realities compendium #

Hallelujah,you know that moment you are waiting for something and it looks it it far meanwhile it just like an hour away. I am not missing this meeting for anything. Hallelujah ready to receive. Gloooorrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy Love you sir., #cewa#ceaccraghanazone

The icon on unity,the icon of unity and the icon of Giving. I love you so much Honey. God bless you.

God bless and increase u in ur home, ur finances and ministry.Nations are coming to the brightness of your rising. You are highly favoured.


Rhapsody of Realities Topical Compendium Vol. 5... A MUST HAVE!!! #Rhapsody #RhapsodyCompendium #CEphZone3

Updated her profile photo

Happy birthday bro buddy chilakpu, the sky is your 🌟 starting point and have a supernatural year.happy birthday.

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