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Favored ❗️

Favored ❗️
Pastor Israel Peter



WELCOME TO THE MONTH OF MAY - THE MONTH OF FAVOUR A lot of people still look at God’s relationship with us and blessings as far fetched. There are not many people that enjoy God’s Blessings and Favour in their lives but God wants us to have testimonies throughout our lives. Don’t settle for up sometimes and down sometimes!!! Make this a reality in your personal life.#PastorChrisontvnetworkseverywhere

My birth mth, it’s not by coincidence dat I was born in dis mth of favour. It’s my set time, my season, in d pack of so many I was selected

I am favoured on every side, nothing can stop me. #MayGlobalCommunionService #MonthofFavour #LZ4 #Nigeria

#MONTHOFFAVOUR  Our man of God declares May to be the MONTH OF FAVOUR. 'We've got a whole month to bask in God's favour', says Pastor; ' the end of May, you should be able to say that indeed it has been a month of DIVINE FAVOUR' #GlobalCommunionService #CEABujaZone

Favored ❗️

In spite of their abilities, advantage power and influence God chooses to favour me #mysettimeforFAVOUR

Pastor's panelists on the Month of Favor. God is ordering our steps This is due time Begin & increase in favor Seed Unmerited #whatwasthat!

Welcome to the Month of Favor! In this month, experience every advantage, every successful outcome, and every new opportunity God has planned for you. God bless you! #TheMonthofFavor #TheYearOfTheSupernatural #BLWUSA

Available for sale #monthoffavour #ceugbowogroup #cemidwestzone #totalexperienceportharcourt #pastorchrisonline

I am the Favoured one, blessed be Gid

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