franklin izu: Updated his profile photo on KingsChat Web

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

I have my quiver full of both biological and Spiritual children.Children surrounds my table.My offsprings are blessed 4ever #mydeclaration

I'm a person of influence and affluence... Glorious things are spoken of me everywhere... Changing and imparting my world. #mydeclaration

#Mydeclaration My spirit man is open to see divine realities, I'm supernatural supply in strength, ability,insight, wisdom and finance.

I declare that my brand; benny et FABRIQUE is making deals in dollars and creating divine wealth. #mydeclarations

# my declaration I'm enjoying divine health Wellness is at work in me No more gleaning Money comes to me unhindered I'm strengthened

Sis Ishie Georgina. I declare that my brooks can never run dry because the abundance of the see has been converted unto me.#mydecaltation

I declare divine health and wealth for me and my family members, the land is green for our sake. #mydeclaration #cemidwestzone

#My declaration Kings & Queens are coming to the brightness of my raising. i work in Supernatural Ability,strenght,insight,knowledge.wisdom

#myprayerdeclaretion I declare that I will in all round prosperity and victory with joy and gladness me and my family in Jesus name amen

Thank you Lord for I fulfill your purpose for me. I walk in accordance with your will #mydeclaration

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