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Baba Arome 😍 Wouldn’t you like to have a taste of this? #currysseriously #confectioneries #babaarome #ikejagra

Baba Arome 😍 Wouldn’t you Baba Arome 😍 Wouldn’t you

HBD pastor ma. Thank you for being ever warm and kind. Your commitment to excellence is worthy of emulation. It's your set time 4favour.

Happy birthday Dear Esteemed Pastor Gabriel. You are a GREAT blessing unique and exceptional. Enjoy a supernatural year ahead. God bless you.

DEMOCRACY DAY REACHOUT (SEED INITIATIVE) PRAYER PROGRAM Tuesday 15th May Psalm 29:11,’’ The Lord will give strength unto his people; the Lord will bless his people with peace. ‘’Beyond tranquility, quietness, or an absence of war, strife or hostilities, we can have peace with prosperity. Pray that beyond serenity and tranquility within our borders, there is prosperity in our nation. Declare that there’s abundance in every sector of our economy and in every state of the Federation. Declare that Nigeria is a prosperous and delightsome land; a haven and major attraction for great and profitable investments as a result of the influence and impact of Democracy Day.

RELIEVING THE MOMENTS AT THE HOLY LAND TOUR LIVE BROADCAST WITH PASTOR CHRIS! #HLT2018 What an exhilarating experience it was at the Holy Land Tour Live broadcast with the man of God, Pastor Chris. “Jesus will rule the world from Jerusalem and all who believe on His name will rule the nations along with Him. Every time you see the Jew rejoice because he’s a sign of the reality of your salvation”. – Pastor Chris. Remember to join our man of God again this Thursday 17th May @ 6:00pm GMT +1 for another live transforming experience from the Holy Land. Do share your inspiration from the broadcast on your timeline using the hashtags #HLT2018 AND #ISM. Keep following this SuperUser for updates. #ISM #Pastorchris

Happy birthday Sir. ur words & teaching over the years made us tough. You're indeed a man sent from God We love you Sir #PG15 #SWVZ1



With joy we celebrate a champion of faith, our man of God dat has inspired & transformed the course of our lives with God's word #PG15


HIGHLIGHTS OF LIVE BROADCAST FROM ISRAEL "Son of God means God in Human Flesh. When you say Jesus is the Son of God, you say, God in Human Flesh. God's Word Is Like A Hammer, A Fire, A Sword Piercing Even To The Dividing Asunder Of The Soul, And Spirit, Joint And Marrow, He Is A Discerner Of The Intent Of The Heart. Nothing Can Successful Stand Against The Word. -Rev Chris Today is Day 2. Stay tuned to this Superuser for more highlights and updates. #hlt2018 #holylandtourwithpastorchris #blwzonej

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