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Happening now children presentation (DAY OF BLISS) C E Rukpoku Mega

Happening now children presentation (DAY


Prosperity is not a Mystery, Work the Word. Glorious service with our Esteem Pastor Charles. #CEWARRIZONE #AIRPORTROADCHRCH4A

The word of God is the only permanent and surest thing about me.

If your businesses are not working, WORK IT ! 2 Corinthians 9:8 The grace Jesus brought makes you abound #cekano #servicewithpoo #nnwvz2

Deacon Buchi and I at CELVZ

Updated his profile photo

If you know that Jesus is in town what will be your attitude, would you be quiet about it or you would tell everybody about it? It's MCC4C..

#Mtata 2 church is moving on #praise n worship continues #I'm blessed

#MindSet__Afflatus Pastor Chris The sum total of your words are the very picture of your life, they are the character of your being.  Romans 10:9-10 Words are important, everything that you say matters. You are a spirit being you are not a body. More powerful words can destroy words. Words matter, they save or destroy. You are in control of your life much more than you realise. All your words are the expression of your person. Your real person is not the body that you see.  The character of your words is the character of your personality.  The power of words given to us by God is the most beautiful gifts human beings have.  You can do anything with words, you can determine your future with words.  Your life is not limited by your government, family, finances, nation or anything, your life is limited by your words.  We are built by words and we can be destroyed by words. Jesus is God's word in flesh, we are born again through words.  Matt 12:34-37 Words are things, idle words are useless, empty, powerless words.  Luke 1:17 this scripture talks about Phronesis, a special kind of wisdom. Phronesis also means mindset, it empowers you and makes you do what you ought to do, at the right time, at the right place, for the right purpose #NWRegion #NERegion

Holy Spirit is in us to make us an influencer !! If you are not INFLUENCING, then you are being INFLUENCED. #Wordlounge

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