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I am back strong

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Looking forward to this with excitement! #thevisitation #BlwHounslowukz2

#prayingnow #mycountry- USA #declaration- I declare that the church of Christ has taken over the entire world

#Mydeclaration I got the life of God in me I'm more than a conqueror I'm alive unto God Glory to God!!!!!

#prayingnow #canada #mydeclaration I declare as I prayer I receive Impartation,Ministration,Visions and Guidance from the Holy Spirit. Glory to God

The light of the gospel is shining ever more brightly in every family represented in the BLW nation. #mydeclaration, #prayingnow #canada

#mydeclaration I declare that the word of God propagates the nation of Canada, and the eyes of the people are flooded with light

#Mydeclaration. My family is preserved as the light of the gospel shines out of my family to preserve life.

I declare that our ministry materials(ROR,Power of Urmind,RecreatngUrworld) n our ministry channels(LWUSA) are worldwide going into every nook n crannies of d world.The lost souls will be reconciled with Christ through these materials n will b retained in d church #mydeclaration

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