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Every member of my family belongs to Jesus. His Word dwells richly in their hearts. All glory to JESUS!! Hallelujah!! #mydeclaration #texasregion #cekilleen

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#mydeclaration I declare that every member of my family who is yet to receive salvation gives their heart to Christ, this is their set time! There are no more hindrances and they grow in the knowledge of God's Word

Just as I am lighting up my world, so is every member of my family for salvation has come upon them none is lost. Halleluyah #mydeclaration


I declare that my household is filled with God's Salvation and everyone connected to me will be save by God. #mydeclaration

Your spirit has the capability for infinite possibilities. There's no telling what you can do, there's no telling what you could be, there's no telling what you could have... ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Find out more in this insightful teaching... God bless you. #mydaclaration #prayingnow #AFFIRMATIONTRAIN

#Prayingnow #USA #Mydeclaration - I declare salvation is coming to every household in America via messenger angel. We’re Kinging!!!

#mydeclaration I declare that I am the head and not the tail in any area of my life and my families life amen.

Hallelujah, we got phronesis for financial investments and for successful business transactions. #mydeclaration

#praying now #my declaration My family that arenot served are receiving salvation. In Jesus name And all my witches are becoming true

The Wisdom of the Just

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