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#prayingnow #uk

#Prayingnow #Nigeria


"As we pray for ourselves let's also Intercede and pray for our Nation. God is looking for a Man who will stand in the gap for the Nation." Get the full message on PCDL #1minwithpastorchris #MsgTitle #PrayerOfIntercessionPt2 #REONUpdates #prayingnow #mydeclaration

Happy Birthday to my pastor in advance

#MyDeclaration I declare that the light of God is shining ever so brightly in the life of all my Family Members. All of them are saved and believe in Jesus as their Lord as Saviour. And yes the lines fall for each and every one of then in pleasant places! Glorrrrryy!

Thank you lord for another blessed day

#mydeclaration I'm a blessing to my generation

All of my family and household is saved and living under the influence of God's Word. Satan has no hold over them. #mydeclaration #Ghana

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