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#prayingnow #Botswana

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#prayingnow #botswana #mydeclaration The Gospel has free course in my country in Jesus Name.

More & more laborers are thronging ion our churches daily! #mydeclaration

#My declaration. The word of God is having free course in South Africa and people are receiving the word with meekness and gladness, glory!

Glory to God! It's a river of glory, flowing through and through - I declare that my brethren and I, we are a mighty army of soulwinners, laborers in the His vineyard, and we are bringing forth more trees of righteousness #mydeclaration

#prayingnow #NORWAY #MYdeclaration my hands blessed. This hands are for preservation. Nothing that touches my hands is destroyed. Instead it multiplies. All the riches of the world are geared towards me..God knows my name and has carved in his blossom. I'm favoured. Glorryyy

More labourers are added!!! #prayingnow #Botswana

#Mydeclaration je déclare que il y'a plus d'ouvriers dans la moisson ,et dans la maison de dieu afin quand puisse accomplir l'oeuvre de dieu .

#Mydeclaration The word of God is increasing and the number of the disciples multiplied greatly all around the world.

#Mydeclaration I declare more and more end time harvest labourers are added to the church of Jesus Christ, they are coming with increase passion and urgency to propagate the gospel to the end of the earth.Yes the Gospel has free course in every cities and nations in Jesus Name

#PRAYINGNOW #SOUTHAFRICA #MYDECLARATION I declare that my life is never be the same and I'm shinning brighter and brighter

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