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I declare that the people of this world turn away from all wicked behavior and humbly seek the Lord in all they do. They are prayerful and faithful to the Lord our God. #fiji #mydeclaration #prayingnow @pastorchris #June #MonthofPrayer

I declare that the people


#MyDeclaration When God said "my people", that's me and you my brother and sister. He's counting on us to reconcile the world unto Him. Let's stand, let's rise and be counted! #MyPrayerMonth


#PrayingNow #Fiji #MyDeclaration I declare that our beloved country will be enriched by the word of God and we shall be filled with the Holy Spirit as we empower our inner self. #Halellujah

#prayingnow #southafrica #mydeclaration My faith is strengthened to produce greater and more excellent results for the kingdom. And I fulfil my calling without reproach. We will shake the world before the Lord returns. Glory!!!

Volunteer with Us! Join the thousands of people globally who give up their time to VOLUNTEER with us; Adding passion and creativity to the work of the InnerCity Mission. Sign up here⏩ #EveryChildisyourChild #Mydeclaration #EndChildpovertynow

#WOWDerizoConcert2018 #WhatAWOWDerizoConcert #LMAMUKRegion2 #ItsGoingToBeWOW

#mydeclaration 2Chronicles 7:14. I declare that the eyes of men are enlightened to know their hope and calling in Christ Jesus. And that all the nations of the world is healed and cleansed from all wickedness and forgiveness and RIGHTEOUESNESS are abound in Jesus Mighty Name'Amen

#mydeclaration I declare that evil has bow down before good. I declare that I am humble and I am kind. I declare that the Lord is the essence of my life and I will seek him always

#MyDeclaration Everything that I need to live triumphantly and for your glory by fulfilling my destiny in you , has been supplied.

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