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Updated her profile photo

Updated her profile photo

#Mydeclaration #Prayingnow Sweet Spirit of God. Build your home in me. I've found out that I Love you. And I will love you forever. Holy Spirit, make me your dwelling place. Teach me Kindness, Patience and Love. Bless my heart and heal me from all afflictions. Amen.

#prayingnow #CeSAZone4 #cect #mydeclaration is that #southafrica is a Christian Nation & all people Live in unity by the Word of God dwelling in peace, safety, prosperity & love, we're each other's keepers & we help those in need for the good of the Nation to the glory of God!

#prayingnow #Botswana

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I declare God's blessing, peace, prosperity & progress in all sectors of the economy in the nation of KENYA. I declare rapid spread of the gospel throughout the land. Amen. #PrayingNow #Kenya #Mydeclaration

#prayingnow #uganda #mydeclaration Uganda is a hub of peace&prosperity. The online world is my catchment area; souls& money are locating me!

Happy birthday to a dear friend! You are a rare personality! Thanks for who you are! 😙

Updated her profile photo

Carolyn Gondwe #Zambia my life is for glory of God

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