Glorious olotu: Thank u sir for showing on KingsChat Web

Thank u sir for showing me the liquid love of the Father,D Lord Jesus.Your love for me&mine propels me to continually set my gaze on the Master.He is love personified.Sir,you show the liquid love of Christ in your words,deeds& lifestyle.Thank you sir for saying yes. Love you sir

Thank u sir for showing

Happy Birthday to our Prophet, our Man of God, our Father, Mentor, Hero, Teacher, life coach and Pastor. Words are not enough to express our profound gratitude for building us up with the word through your teachings! We are where we are today because you've raised us! Thank you so much Pastor Sir for living us the way you do! We love you so much Pastor Sir! #dec7 #offer7 #Warriministrycentre

Cleaning exercise carried out in commemoration of the International Day of Service and the birthday of our dear man of God by the Future Africa Leaders Foundation ambassador, Wisdom Jacob at the De-Marvel Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria. Wisdom and his team also donated some personal hygiene kits to the hospital. This is amazing!!! Let the good work continue. #LWDayOfService #FALF

💫☉💥Words cannot express the love I have for sir💖🌌 thank you for your selfless love and kindness in giving us the message that continues to build and sustain me🔥🌳⛰

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The beauty of our blw you daddy #dec07 #durban #sazone2

Happy birthday to my Father, Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome D.Sc D.D. Pastor, you are just amazing, you are a wonder to the world. Yysnk you sir for showing to me through your life that if I stick to the word, I will always come back with a testimony. I love you deeply sir.

Unbeatable steps! Its 2:00am (GMT +1) and my 14 months old, HRH Victor-Wealth takes on the 10 in 1 Dance challenge. Click to watch, like and share. Thank you! #Dec7 #dancechallenge0712  #CEILESHA #NSWVZ2

Happy birthday Pastor Sir. Thank you for your immense love for the gospel that propels you to network the whole world for Christ. God bless you with more Grace. You're a gift to us at this time. I love you. #Dec 7

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To our father, our teacher, our mentor, our life coach, the one who's light shined through to our lives, the light of the world. To The President of the Loveworld Nation, His Excellency Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome DSC. DD. Thank you Pastor for saying YES. Thank you for changing lives all around the world with the Gospel of our lord Jesus Christ, for changing our lives, equipping us with this beautiful gospel, making us lights. Because of you Pastor, we are the Best; the Best of the Best. With this Pastor, we say a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. AND WE LOVE YOU SO DEARLY. #ceumuahia #sevz1 #offer7 #dec7

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