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First she was a staff Then she became a friend And now she's a sister So close to me you'd think she's from my mother The depth of her loyalty staggers the imagination The strength of her purity dwarfs the most refined diamonds She's a damsel so ineffable, she defies all descriptions She's a jewel most priceless, truly from a heavenly pond Thank you for being there from the start Thank you for choosing to stay, even when reason said to depart. You are a proud daughter of our man of God, "Pastor Chris". Yours is a place eternally irreplaceable For you are a pearl entirely inestimable If I had more words, They would never be sufficient But know, Rozey That from our heart of hearts, the entire spiritualbeatz,my beautiful wife and I are saying we love you so, so, much. A most beautiful, joyous, blissful, and bounteous birthday to you my dearest! All of God's blessings to you and so much more...

First she was a staff

Happy supernatural birthday Dcns Kilsy šŸŽ‚šŸŽ

#CE...AbuDhabiUAE #Mydeclaration..in the Name Of Jesus Christ, I Declared that all our new converts & first timers find home with us, they are established and reproducing after the WORD OF FAITH they have received;every satanic manipulation upon their lives is broken,Amen & Amen!

#Mydeclaration The lines are falling unto me Iā€™m pleasant places šŸ’ƒšŸ’ƒšŸ’ƒ

#PrayingNow #MyCountry #Nigeria #MyDeclaration...

#UK #mydeclaration- I pray that every situation that is not giving me peace of mind I pray that such situation is changed succesfully for me and I am rejoicing in the Lord. In Jesus name. Amen

Happy supernatural birthday Dcns Kilsy šŸŽ‚šŸŽ

#loveworldyouthchannel #Cloveworld

#Mydeclarations I declare that I am light that can never be put out. The seed of greatness in me. I declare I always walk in increased Grace

I declare that our new converts and newcomers have a strong desire for the sincere milk of the Word and as they feed, they grow. #cephzone3

#HappeningNow: J16 2018 @CEBloemfontein #YouthForInfluence #SunninghillGroup #SAZone2

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