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Wisdom is being dissected live today at the ongoing ACE #aceonline

Happening now Success has principles Connect now to Happening live #ACEonline #ACEnow

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#prayingnow #usa My life is a well watered garden. The spirit of God is inspiring and guiding me to take decisions and actions that will guarantee unstoppable and evident progress and advancement. I experience unprecedented favors and unparalleled advantage always. #mydeclaration

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#ACEonline #LYRC Happening live..

CELEBRATING THE ESTEEMED PASTOR BOLAJI AND PASTOR ADESUWA AKINBORO Happy Wedding Anniversary Esteemed Pastor Bolaji and Pastor Adesuwa Akinboro. Your union will continually bring about the rapid expansion of God's Kingdom here on earth. May God increase you, garnish your marriage with the best things in life and cause you to always ride upon the high plains of life. Thank you for all you do for the Gospel. We love and appreciate you. #ceabujazone

HAPPENING NOW: The Esteemed Regional Pastor exhorts the attendees at the 3 Days Special Capacity Building Program in SA Zone 2. In sharing about the Word and the Mandate, the Esteemed Regional Pastor, Pastor Ose Oyakhilome taught that the word would make positive changes and advancements in your life; "Don't be carried by the experience and mindset of the world but be conformed and transformed by the Word." #cesaregion #sazone2

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