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I declare that my younger brother Eno Okotie by name is healed of kidney defect which has caused him so much pain. #mydeclaration.#cephzone3.#Nigeria.

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The greater knowledge of the word of God is in abundance in my family and they are self sufficient in all things. #mydeclaration

#myprayerweek #Zimbabwe #prayingnow

#CEIlorin1 #PrayingNow #Prayerweek #MyDeclaration #MyPrayerWeekTestimony

#mydeclaration I declare that lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places....I have supernatural health and I experience uncommon increase in every area of my life. Glorryyy!!!!

#mydeclaration I am a burning and shining light, The light of God’s Words is shining in my family. We are Light, in us there is no darkness at all. Glory to God

My joint from my knees and my ankle were stiff as a result I was experiencing enormous pains when squatting or climbing up the stairs. When Pastor prayed I began to do squats and there no pains whatsoever. Praise God 🙌 #MyTestimony

#mydeclaration l receive prosperity in everything that concerns me. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

#mydeclarationnow #SouthAfrica I declare that there is no death in my family now. People use to die yearly like chickens i m so glad i pray and this has come to an end no more death i declare long life. No disease no death. Glory!!!!!

#prayerweek #mydeclaration all things are working together for my good! In my finances, in my family, in my studies doors of opportunity are opened! Thank you Lord!

#prayingnow#nigeria#mydeclaration my company is registered next week and all the people we will meet will come in agreement to our plans to be a partner in all way round and all we need to make the company the best is Gavin to us in Jesus name Amen #mydeclaration

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