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I declare that I'm making progress in every area of my life. The grace of my Lord Jesus Christ has made me in everything #mydeclaration.

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#mydeclarations I declare that my music ministry is given birth to and spread abroad and nations are being blessed and lifted by the inspirations of the Holy Ghost through me and many come unto righteousness through my music ministry in the name of the lord Jesus.... hallelujah

#my declaration... I am immovable unshakable, like the cedar in Lebanon...glory

#mydeclaration I am wealthy. I'm relevant in kingdom business and investment! My fruits stay and remain and multiples streams of income abound for me. #MD

#prayerweek #uganda #mydeclaration I am experiencing the fullness of health from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet.

#mydeclaration I am prosperous, and I walk in divine health! Daily, I prevail with, and by, the Word! Hallelujah!

#mydeclaration in the next two days the situation of my finances would be what the Bible says " when the Lord turned against our captivity we were like them that dream dreams in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

God has given me a reason laugh and celebrate, and those that hear will laugh with me. #mydeclaration #globalprayerweek #prayingnow

#mydeclaration I declare that my mega cell outreach this Saturday is gona be successful. The atmosphere is going to be charged with the presence of the holy ghost a multitude shall be present, listen to God's message and willingly surrender their lives to Jesus... In Jesus name.

#mydeclaration I saw a letter of an appointment letter for pst Leo C. E owhelogbo, congratulations to u sir #Nigeria

#myprayerweektestimony I give God praise because the cause of recurring sour in my mouth is out of my body never to return again and henceforth, I walk in supernatural health. The cause of high blood pressure in my mum's body has just ceased and she is in perfect health. Glory!

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