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I refuse to be distracted. I maintain my focus

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Guys! We know that today, you will make us proud. #Blwteensministry #Tbmccebz1 #cebeninzone1



Happy birthday to the best dad...

To My dearest Pastor, Father, Teacher and Mentor - Cool, Calm & collected. I celebrate u 2day wit d Host of Heaven, giving thanks to God, 4 his marvelous blessings in many colours upon ur Life & ur infinite influence in our World, & yet this is only d beginning. Happy Birthday.

You are a wonder. Happy birthday Sir!

Good morning HOLY SPIRIT!!! #cesazone5 #cewarrenpark400 #Laughter

Happening Today!!! Teens Bible Man Competition Meet our top 5 contestants!!! #TBMCCELZ2 #BLWTEENSMINISTRY


HAPPENING NOW! ICLC IN MY CITY DAY 3 [MORNING SESSION] SECOND SUPER SESSION WITH OUR HIGHLY ESTEEMED REGIONAL PASTOR (NORTHERN REGION) PASTOR JOY AMENKHIENAN TOPIC: THE CELL MINISTRY AND THE ROLE OF MINISTRY MATERIALS IN THE VISION 400 👉Educate the brethren on how to use the ministry material as a study tool. 👉Develop the ministry materials as a study tools 👉When you look at the scriptures there is the necessary change that would take place. Change in character and attitude. 👉As the word of God is made available to a man there's a hope for change 👉When you look at the word, you'd become the word. God knows what He wants you to look like so He gave you the word 👉The word of God is what removes foolishness from a man #NWVZ1

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