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#Ewcavz4 #Ewcavz4 #Ewcavz4 #Ewcavz4

I will always praise your Name ohh God.. #Togo

It's TODAY BUCHI LIVE IN CONCERT SAT 14TH JULY,2018 4PM @1 Christ Embassy Way Off Erediauwa Road Benin City, Nigeria. ...Contact us for Tickets

Happy birthday to my beautiful mother Pastor MOI. I love you more.

It's TODAY BUCHI LIVE IN CONCERT SAT 14TH JULY,2018 4PM @1 Christ Embassy Way Off Erediauwa Road Benin City, Nigeria. ...Contact us for Tickets

I don't know what it means to be a failure... I'm always at the top glory to God #EWCAVZ4ZCLC2018 #Cendobo #spl2cell

Pst Biodun lawal said " your income does not decide your vision but its your vision that decides your income" at the zonal #icls #sevz2


Celebrating A World Changer🌍, History Maker🎉, Planet shaker today. Happy Birthday to my cell leader🎂 Sis Onalenna👸, words can't express how grateful I am to God to have you in my life, you've been more than a blessing to Ignite Cell we love u!


HIGHLIGHT OF THE ONGOING ZCLC WITH PASTOR JOHN AMENKHIENAN SOUTH EAST REGION Workshop handled by the Esteemed Pastor Vale Odu-Thomas. Topic: The Cell Ministry Manual, Foundation School and Service Attendance. Proverbs 4:7 One of the principal thing in the cell ministry is understanding. Once this is established, it is easier to participate in it. You must have access to the cell ministry manual. Everything thing to do is in the manual. It let's you know the purpose of the activities the cell is engaged in. The cell is a missionary squad. It is not just about calling people together, it's for soul winning. You have a responsibility in your world to join this chariot. You qualify to be a bible study class teacher when you win 3 souls and these 3 are actively involved in the cell ministry. Soul winning is key to our life. It's your responsibility to make sure the souls you are winning are involved. It is surprising to know that many are unaware of the fact that those around them are potential souls to be won. As a cell leader, it is important to guide and direct cell members where the souls they are to win are located. Teach them to see everyone around them as souls to be won for they are the people in their world and God has given them to us to be saved. Help them identify their Chariot. You have a responsibility to the people you have won and you must make sure you have plans to bring them to the cell meeting. You don't just win people to Christ and leave them, they need to also come under the corporate aunction of other believers. FOUNDATION SCHOOL You must have a plan for every soul you win. You are like a care giver, a monitor for each soul and you must have a plan and process of getting each of them committed. Have a goal for each person. You must monitor the attendance to foundation school of the people you have won. Follow them up, don't leave them alone, ensure that they continue attending classes even after they start. No assumptions, only actions. Be prayerful: It is important for the bible study class teacher to be prayerful. Praying should be first nature to you. One of your major tools for a successful soul winning is prayer. Form relationship with these people. You can't leave them alone. Become their friends purposely. Be interested in the things they're interested in and with time,you can get them interested in the gospel. You have a greater opportunity to influence people when you become a friend to them. One of the things that influence relationship is care. You must have soul winning targets. Don't just leave it to chance. You have a responsibility. You have been permanently inspired and you're supposed to produce results. Prepare for your bible study class. Let it be a place where people are excited to come to. Don't take the class casually. Pray so that every word that comes out of your mouth makes an impact to people's lives. #ceabakaliki #supernatural #zppc #sevz2

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