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"You give it with your hand and receive it with your whole body. Those who can't give they can't be trusted. - The blessings of God are about to over power you. - God wants to prosper you beyond your wildest dreams." - Pastor Benny Hinn Happening Now: Pastor Benny Hinn is teaching on The Power of a Vow! Watch Now on LoveWorldSAT : #yourloveworld #southafrica




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I'm a giver. I'm a partner and I'm a sower. Gloryyy. I receive the harvest with my whole body. Thank You Holy Spirit. Thank You Pastor Sir. #Ceaccraghanazone #

Glory!!! Christ Embassy Ugboroke group all night service is less than 48 hours. So brothers and sisters, don't plan to miss this glorious opportunity for the miracle's had gone ahead of us ready waiting for us and our faith to manifest. #cewarriministrycenter

Why am I in the ministry? Because of a vow. GOD remembers vows. đź’­đź’­đź’­ #yourloveworld #SouthAfrica

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Happening Now: Pastor Benny Hinn is teaching on "The Power of a Vow!" Watch Now on LoveWorldSAT : #yourloveworld #southafrica

A father like no other and the best coach that brought the word to shape and to give is direction to the right path #celebratinganicon #cekorlebu #ceaccraghanazone

A man full of faith, passion and virtue.. That's who you are. An epitome of love.. A perfect example grace... You are the best Sir.. #pastordrisaacmusahaddo #ceaccraghanazone #cekorlebu

YourLoveworldđź’– | God honors vows & takes them seriously. There is POWER in the vow. Genesis 31:13 - God never forgets the vows. Numbers 30:1-8. Vows are serious. There is judgment for lying on a vow #yourloveworld #cecr #cecanada

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