C E Abuja Zone: 3 DAYS TO GO... CELEBRATING on KingsChat Web

3 DAYS TO GO... CELEBRATING A STRATEGIC SOULWINNER. We join the heavenly host to celebrate you, Reverend Sir, for proclaiming the message of the Gospel everywhere you go and hauling men into the kingdom of God. We love you dearly, Sir! #R815  #InspiredbyRevTom  #CEAVZ



It's a new LEVEL!!🤗😁 A huge thank you to Reverend Ken @revken for these tremendous 3 days of glory!! A big thank you to our dear esteemed @pstyvonne!❤ I am extremely GRATEFUL to be part of @pastorchris Ministries! I am going upward and forward every DAY! I am blessed!

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We're taking a stand #blwiyd2018 #blwiyd #safespaces4youths #enugu #Nigeria #blwcampusministryrocks

Happy Birthday Dear Pastor Ma. You are a great inspiration to me. Thank you ma for your love and guidance on how to run some of my projects. You are a blessing to us ma. I love you dearly ma! @thisispsy


Its God's set time for DRC. 10 in 1 glorrryyy. #CeSiafoumou #CongoRepublic #ewcavz4

Pastor Mam- Thank You So Much. We are really & deeply grateful! #icplc2018

#CountUp 2DAYS TO GO! 'USIKU WA BARAKA' ( NIGHT OF BLESSINGS) A Special Mid-Week Service, like you never experienced! Invite friends, family and colleagues! Don't miss it! #CeKenyaZone

Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor@psy! Thank you ma for being ever so inspired and inspiring. Your youth is continually renewed like that of an eagle. I love you ma

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