Akintola Adedayo: Happy birthday Deaconess Maryanne Okwuagwu. on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday Deaconess Maryanne Okwuagwu. Thank you so much ma, for your commitment, passion & consistent. I love you ma.

Happy birthday Deaconess Maryanne Okwuagwu.


READ TODAY'S DEVOTIONAL Wednesday, 15th  August Pastor Chris Oyakhilome GOD’S WORD: THE ONLY REALITY You might have heard some people say, “Let’s face reality,” referring to the happenings around them; the circumstances of life. There’s only one reality, and that’s God’s Word. God’s Word is truth. Make progress from glory to glory by living the Word. Personalize God’s Word and it’ll produce for you, and in you, the reality that it conveys.

Celebrating exceptional per excellent Dad! An encountered with you in 1999, changed my mindset toward life. Thank you Dad, for your assiduousness, sedulousness and ardent follower of Pastor Chris, your humility is worth of emulating. Unashamed to shine for Jesus. I love you Dad!

Happy Supernatural Birthday to My Crown

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Brand new day, refired commitment to send children #BacktoSchool⏩goo.gl/U86CLb #EveryChildisyourChild #EndChildpovertynow

Happy birthday Sir



Highly Esteemed God's General Rev Tom , HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR Thank you for being an exemplery and an uncommon Testimony of how to Follow, Honour and Serve a PROPHET & MAN OF GOD. We salute yoyr humility.

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