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#PastorChrisOnTheIsland #CEAwoyayaRocks

#PastorChrisOnTheIsland #CEAwoyayaRocks #PastorChrisOnTheIsland #CEAwoyayaRocks #PastorChrisOnTheIsland #CEAwoyayaRocks #PastorChrisOnTheIsland #CEAwoyayaRocks

Wonderful service today with our highly Esteemed @pstyinkaafolabi our praise matters!! #ceyork #cecanada #teenscan #summercamp18

Our Plans are 1. 2% daily for 15 days * Min-(10$-50,000$) * principal returned 2. 3% daily for 20 days *Min- (100$-100,000) *principal returned Click on this link to invest And get paid 100% trust Follow the info given Telegram- https://t.me/joinchat/J0p2oBGj6rnBO63c8GwloA

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#CESAZone2 #SuperSundayService #TheWord #TheBelieversAuthority


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IT WAS A GLORIOUS SERVICE IN ALL CHURCHES ACROSS THE VIRTUAL ZONE AS BRETHREN WERE TAUGHT ON PROPHECY. THE ESTEEMED PASTOR DIPO FISHO INSIGHTFUL TEACHING STIRRED THE BRETHREN TO BEGIN TO PROPHECY. GLORIOUS THINGS ARE SPOKEN OF US IN CEAVZ HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MESSAGE 1 Peter 1:22-25 Two (2) Simple but vital definition of Prophecy; a) FORETELLING...speaking ahead of time things to happen by (revelation) b) TELLING FORTH...declaration of event in the mind of God with (power) WE/CEAVZ/NOBG/TGE is an event in the mind of God. 1) CEAVZ IS A PEOPLE OF PROPHECY...our Man of God, Pastor Chris Spoke us into being on the 1st of July 2018 So every one member of the zone is born by prophecy. 2) NOBG Is a crusade born by prophecy, all we are going to do in Gwagwalada is to fulfil prophecy hence Victory is certain. 3) PROPHECY IS VERY IMPORTANT BECAUSE AS GOD'S PEOPLE, WE ARE; -CALLED BY PROPHECY -SENT BY PROPHECY -BLESSED BY PROPHECY ...we don't just go on our own, he called, sent and blessed us to do what we are doing... 4) In 1 Corinthians 14:3 Prophecy does 3 things without which it is not prophecy; -EDIFICATION -EXHORTATION -COMFORT 5) LEARN TO PROPHECY JOEL 2:28 EZEKIEL 37:1-10 GLORY TO GOD; WE ARE STANDING AS AN EXCEEDING GREAT ARMY. HALLELUJAH!!! #NOBGwagwalada #CEAVZ

Prayer has its place Fasting has its place Praise has its place Praise has a place in the life of the believer and it’s equally important - Pastor Yinka the blessed and the great❤️ #ceyork #cecanada #teenscan #summercamp18

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