Megan Crawley: #yourthursday Blessings locate me as on KingsChat Web

#yourthursday Blessings locate me as i pray!!!

#yourthursday Be a part of this epic event Your Thursday!!

#yourthursday I receive answers to my prayers. Thank you Lord

#yourthursday Geared up to pray.

SPECIAL INVITATION; A NIGHT OF BLISS WITH PASTOR AMAECHI UDEAKU One night to experience true Worship and hear God's word that will change your life forever! DATE: 26th of April 2019 VENUE: LoveWorld City Grounds, Atali (Oha Mini Orwu Land, Atali, Obi-Akpor, Rivers State.) There is going to be an interference of divinity in the affairs of humanity without any material medium... miracles unprecedented! SAVE THE DATE. #NOB #NOBPHZ1 #cephzone1 #TheHappyChurch

This month the month of direction, when you want to know something, pray in the spirit much more, what a month of glory.

#yourthursday Everyone come on board!

#yourthursday An opportunity to change the world!

#yourthursday a blessing indeed#yourthursday Yes!!! It’s all about me

#yourthursday My day for my fellow partners all around the world!!#yourthursday Be a part of this epic event Your Thursday!!

#yourthursday Looking forward to connecting to the moments of power #yourthursday Amazing Thursday!!!

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