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The future is what we plan now.. #backtoschool #endchildpovertynow

The future is what we

The Gift of God is for me to enjoy my life in christ Jesus. I Rejoice in God's work God is Higher than The Highest. God Answers me in The Joy of my Heart im Admonished & i keep my feet when i go into the house of God , im more Ready to hear . No End of All

ZE-ZE!!! It’s impossible for anyone to think of you Sir without a smile on their face because of the joy you exude!!! The fullness of joy!!! I love you Sir!!! #RKO918 #RevKen918

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Hi 😌😌

ICPLC with Pastor Chris- ELECTRIC! Oh what a momentous and exhilarating time it was; certainly 3 days for destiny! as thousands of young leaders from University Campuses in 42 nations converged for a rendezvous with the Word and the Spirit, as our Man of God Pastor Chris dished out revelations, truths, and instructions for life! "Do you understand why you are here?” He declared to young leaders. “You're God's missles!” Speaking further in the course of the 3 day conference, he declared- “this is the generation of the army of the lord". "And I see that this is the generation that is going to demonstrate the power of God like it’s never been known before”. Teaching further, he instructed the leaders that “the Campus is your preparation ground for the next level; a training ground for your faith". He taught on the importance of fellowship services, and from Hebrews 12:1, exhorted them to lay aside every weight... . Oh what words, Oh what glory, Oh what power as the hungry Campus leaders ravenously and voraciously took in the word! The place was ELECTRIC! Truly the world is on fire!!! #Blwcampusministryrocks #Icplc2018fire🔥

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Making the world a better place.. #backtoschool #endchildpovertynow

Why we must always pray .......... #oasis #ceabeokuta #autoedification #swvz3

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