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Making the world a better place.. #backtoschool #endchildpovertynow

Making the world a better

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The future is what we plan now.. #backtoschool #endchildpovertynow

The Gift of God is for me to enjoy my life in christ Jesus. I Rejoice in God's work God is Higher than The Highest. God Answers me in The Joy of my Heart im Admonished & i keep my feet when i go into the house of God , im more Ready to hear . No End of All

ZE-ZE!!! It’s impossible for anyone to think of you Sir without a smile on their face because of the joy you exude!!! The fullness of joy!!! I love you Sir!!! #RKO918 #RevKen918

Why we must always pray .......... #oasis #ceabeokuta #autoedification #swvz3

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#TheSavior Still on the matter! Sponsor! Sponsor! Sponsor! #TheSavior Light to the Arab World!

Register now! #healingnow #gmfs

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