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DAILY NUGGETS *EDIFY YOURSELF! – PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME D.SC D.D .* He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself…(1 Corinthians 14:4). As a Christian, when you speak in tongues, you edify yourself; that means you “embolden” yourself. This is the antidote for timidity and fear! It’s something you can, and should do for yourself from time to time; building your spirit strong by speaking in tongues. It’ll transform you automatically from being a weak, fearful person, to a bold, confident, and courageous person! The Bible says, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7). Thanks be unto God, for giving us the key to maintaining boldness and dominion at all times, even in the face of staggering oppositions, through speaking in tongues. If it ever looks as though fear is creeping into your heart, or you’re feeling nervous about something, speak in tongues! As you do, your faith will rise, and fear will dissipate. Jude 1:20 says, “But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost.” There’re times you might experience difficulty in remembering things; speak in tongues. The reason is that your spirit doesn’t forget anything; the information is in your spirit, so when you stir your spirit, the answer will pop up! Don’t take speaking in tongues lightly, for it produces divine energy that repels fear, and confounds the enemy. It emboldens you and imparts courage to your spirit. It produces in you, a sense of mastery and dominion over adversities; it’s a “spirit-to-Spirit” communication that energizes you from within. Practise speaking in tongues regularly; it’s the fastest way to activate your spirit, and energize yourself for victory.

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Thank you Pastor Sir. I love you so much Sir.

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Amen. Thanks Pastor sir.

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Happy Supernatural Buff day dear beloved Jizzy Nformi from all of us, City of Grace Haven AKA COG HAVEN, CALABAR MINISTRY CENTRE #CRVZ #CalMC #TeamCalabarRocks #COGHAVEN #CityOftGraceHaven #CalabarMinistryCentre

#TheSavior is the answer to the cry of many in the arab world. Thank You Lord


City of Grace Haven AKA COG HAVEN, CALABAR MINISTRY CENTRE. Celebrating a Daughter of God. One whose is delighted and loved by all. Happy buff day Jizzy Nformi #CRVZ #CalMC #TeamCalabarRocks #COGHAVEN #CityOftGraceHaven #CalabarMinistryCentre

Taking the gospel to the Arab Nation. Join this chariot! #lpcghana Ask me how? #TheSavior.

Congratulations Brain Box, Chief Michael Abadi Obiazi. You are one in a million. The proud son of Pastor Chris. You're a special gift to our Nation & world. Taking over! I love you big. I thank Pastor for giving you to us beloved son like no other. I am proud of you! Shine on!

*⭐A Refreshing Thought For You Today ⭐* Tuesday, 11 September 2018. One of the things you must make up your mind to do in your walk with God is to take the Word of God as the only truth to live by. Some Christians have spoken “hard words” against God; they take sides against God by saying the wrong things. Malachi 3:13 (AMPC) says, *"Your words have been strong and hard against Me, says the Lord. Yet you say, What have we spoken against You?"* Affirm God’s Word. If God says you have something, don’t say you don’t have it. Accept what the Word says you have, and declare accordingly! *#Don'tTakeSidesAgainstGod *#Rhapsodyinspirationalthoughtstoday✍️*

Celebrating God's super star... Happy birthday ma. I love you dearly


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