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Hurray!!!!! It’s DAY 1 of our 4-day special study of the new RELEASE on PCDL - THE BENEFITS OF PRAYER. Let's get started… 1. Download the study guide here 2. Get your copy of the message to enjoy the study. We will be watching and meditating on the first 15 minutes of the message today. 3. You can purchase and download the message NOW on the PCDL mobile app or  4. You can also visit the PCDL Booth in your church to purchase pcdl subscription vouchers for yourself and many others or visit Hurry now and don’t be left out. Also tell everyone you know to be a part of this exciting study  Follow this superuser for daily updates. #4daystudywithbenefitsofprayer #startingSept16th  #itsday1today #LoveWorldMediaVideos #PCDL

Hurray!!!!! It’s DAY 1 of
Fredi Assouan


Thank you Pastor



I am praying man. Hallelujah

Mary Buapim


Glory to God

Olatoun Akib


Thank you Jesus.



Glory to God!

Pastor Taomi Junias Myato


Hallelujah. Thank you pastor sir.

Tatenda Mahubaba



Sr Gillian #cesazone5


Wow! Word in season!! ✅Study guide downloaded ✅Message purchased ✅Ready! Ready! Ready!

Sybil Adeke


Wow! Very ready for this, study Guide downloaded already. Thank you Pastor sir for this awesome opportunity to be improved.

Chizzy Arizechi


Set on a victory parade! Study guide downloaded. #Ceabujamincentre

Ray Rukondo


Thank you Pastor Sir

Eme Samyel Iya


Thank you Pastor!!

QueenHelen Oyakhilome


Im a BENEFICIARY of effective prayer



Thank you Pastor You Pastor Sir for the opportunity to participate in the 4 days special study on the benefits of prayer. 🙏

Missionary Mary Jane Beatrice Palmer


I will be Attending the 4 day study on the Benefits of Prayer. Study Guide downloaded. Thank You and GOD BLESS YOU

Pastor Betty Agatha Temu


Thank you for the guide. Am ready. 💃💃💃

Evelyn Fanti Christembassy Zone4


#cesazone4 Amen

Olive Light 🇳🇬


Thank you for the Study Guide. #CC1 #PHZone3

olanrewaju oyetunji


📖🗣🌍🌎🌏🔟↗💜💷💰💷💶💴📦🏆🎼🌴Thank you.

It will be a wonderful time as we present: 📚BOOK by BOOK SEMINAR with Emphasis on the Book of CORINTHIANS 📘📗📙📒📓📑 📅17th - 19th September, 2018. 🕔 5pm daily Come with your family, friends & Guests. #Cennewi #Sevz1 #Loveworldexhibition #Autoedificatiion #supernatural

Happy Birthday to My Dearest Husband.You are indeed an amazing blessing in our lives.Thanks for always being there.i love you❤️💕

P Passionate A Appreciative S Servant T Thoughtful O Obedient R Righteous Counting up to that wonderful day. #RevKen918

Mighty man of God. Counting up to that big celebration #RevKen918

Join Us Today... For A 4-Day Study of "THE BENEFITS OF PRAYER" The Study Starts today Sunday September 16th and ends on Wednesday. Ensure you go through these steps : 1- Get the message voucher 2- Listen to it over again. 3- Go through the 4 day Study Guide Please kindly download the "Benefits of Prayer " Study Guide using this link: 4- Ensure you take the Online Quiz ( Here is the link : English Link French Link : #a4daystudyonthebenefitsofprayer #nowavailable #jointhe4daystudyonBOPtoday #ewcavz4

A man who we appreciate and love. A man who teaches the word of God, the word of truth that gives us power. Our dear Reverend Ken. You are blessed. #RevKen918

Follow PastorChrisLive every Monday , Wednesday and Friday 12 noon and 10 pm .Praying with our MOG globally.

Happy Birthday most Blessed sister & Friend keep Enjoying all The marvellous Blessings of God . You are Fortified in Jesus Name .

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