Rosa 2018.. Giving meaning to the lives of people by distributing the Messenger Angel, the Rhapsody of Realities! #ROSA2018 #ReachOutSouthAfrica #MyROSAencounter .#CESAZone #CEPE1

They hungry for the word, they put aside their lunch box and are paying special to ROR - What an opportunity that ROSA brought #CESAZone2 #CEPTACentral #CEPTAGroup #ROSA2018 #ROSA2018STUPENDOUS

Isi that you lpc #cezone3 #botswana #cetsabong

DON'T MISS THIS INFORMATION FROM THE SPIRIT: Pastor Chris admonishes parents and child-care givers on how to handle and protect children. Get the full story on LoveWorld News at #ceabujamincentre #totalexperiencekaru

Thank you Sir! You are God's general, a man of God to the core and a father to us. Thank you for saying to Christ, for yielding to His leading and for been a true trailblazer to nations. We love you Sir.

Pastor Sir thank you so much for your love, prayers and the word that u have invested in me. I am what I am because of the teachings that I always receive from you. #BLWPastorsAppreciationDay #CEBotswanaGroup


Thank you my smiling Pastor. Thank you for blessing my world. winning is the game. #BlwPastorsappreciationday #cephzonel #Ilovemypastor

PASTOR IB UDUOISE PASTOR, CE SILUKO GROUP Pastor you are an epitome of God's love, an example of faith at work, a woman full of God's wisdom and insight into mysteries and secrets and hope to me. I love you Ma #BLWPastorsAppreciationDay #cemidwestzone

Indeed we have excellency in our ministry. Imagine, I recieved a special email with my name confirming my attendance to attend LPCSA. Special tickets issued!!! Wow no other place like LPCSA #lpcsa2018 #cesazone5 #CEGlenNorahA

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