Oma Amajoyi: I celebrate my highly esteemed on KingsChat Web

I celebrate my highly esteemed Director today, being under your tutorage these years has been refining. #BlwDirectorsAppreciationDay

I celebrate my highly esteemed

Passionate about young people. #9:25 #BlwDirectorsAppreciationDay

Thank you so much Highly Esteemed Rev Tom Sir for your constant teaching and inspiration to always be on the lookout for souls at every point in time. I appreciate you Sir. #BLWPastorsAppreciationDay

Thank you for every opportunity you have given me in ministry Sir @mr_blw #BlwPastorsAppreciationDay #BLWUKZONEB #EastAngliaGroup

This my time of visitation #SALPC2018 #CESOWATON #CEBOTSWANA #SAZONE3

Thank you sir for teaching me God's word and raising me in the way I should go. #BLWPastorsAppreciationDay #Cephzone1

Wow!!! so excited of this time to receive insight , wisdom and knowledge how to go about the business that am about to start . So that I may have more time for Gospel of our Lord Jesus. #myexpectation #lpcsa2018 #celusakanorth #cezambiagroup #cesazone3

Thank you so much Esteemed Pastor Uche Onubogu for your love, kindness and godly counsels to us in the CEHouston Levite community. We love and appreciate you Sir. #BLWPastorsAppreciationDay

Pastor sir, you always want the best for everyone around you. Your love for ministry is so inspiring. I appreciate you today and always Sir. #blwpastorsappreciationday #cesapele

I appreciate all your work, your works of Faith, your labour of love and your patience of hope Thank you. #blwpastorsapprecaitionday #cephzone1

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