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'If you can just be quiet enough in the presence of God, you would regain lost times' - pst Benny Hinn Are you still connected and attentively listening? Click below to join the meeting:

'If you can just be 'If you can just be
Ngo Song Marguerite Daniele


wow wow wow thank you so much pastor Benny

sis fayda


Halleluyah ūüôĆūüôŹ

Happy birthday Sis Caroline,you are a blessing to the house of God may you continue to be light of the world everywhere you go.Have a supernatural blessed year ahead in the year of the Supernatural.

Audacity Pictures, Christ Embassy Celebration Church Oyigbo Nation PH zone 1. Sunday Service with GP - Pst Oliver Ijeri. #cephzone1 #oyigbo

I am SUPER READY for SOV2018 Shouts Of Victory Musical Concert is more than music and you can't miss it oooooo #Sov2018 #CeNunguaGhana #EWCAVZ5 #Ceashaiman

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Happy Birthday Sis Nolwazi we love & appreciate you.May you continue to be a blessing and change the lives of many.Have a blissful day & year ahead in supernatural blessings.

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Sunday Service with The Esteemed Zonal Pastor Lagos Zone 2, Pastor Emeka Eze. Sunday 7th October, 2018 The Sixth Tenet of the Gospel: Divine Healing and Divine Health Tenants are teachings or principles that are believed to be true and that constitutes an important part of a belief or an idea. It's like the main point of our belief, and our belief is basically the doctrine of Christ and his finished works, what He has done for us, the past tense of God's word.  Man was made with the capacity to believe, that's why we are going to be held responsible for believing or not believing. God expects us to believe his word. Except you believe, you cannot be saved from sickness, poverty etc. It's the same principle of receiving Jesus that you use to receive every other thing. The way you believe in Christ that you haven't seen, you've got to also believe in the prosperity that you haven't yet experienced. It's your believing that brings salvation in every area of life's work. It's what you believe that you will have. You must believe every aspect of the gospel.  It's possible to work on your believing, it's possible to train yourself to believe and improve your believing. You have enough faith, work on it. Nobody has more faith than you, make your faith great by developing and using it. Exercise your faith, become a giant in faith. If you plan to overcome this world and it's systems, develop your faith. 3 John 2 ...God doesn't want to see any person sick, to still see a Christian sick, is out of line with his purposes. God wants us well, he wants us to be in the right state of mind and body all the time.  The first step to living in divine Health is the acceptance, the awareness, the recognition that sickness is not for you. Once your spirit rejects it, it is difficult for your body to get it.  It's takes no effort, except accepting, realizing, coming to yourself and understanding that sickness doesn't belong to you. The reason why most people are sick is because they agree to be sick, and they think it's normal to be sick.  Satan needs your permission to afflict you, he needs your mouth. Don't look for your sickness, look for your health. Don't let your feelings control you, let the word of God control you. Maintain your stand. Matt 8:16-17 ...He Him­self took our infir­mities and bore our sicknesses... John 15:1-6 A Christian is made of the the word of God, the farther you get away from the word, your Christianity starts dying. Much fruit is a function of abiding. The more you spend time with The Holy Spirit and the Word of God, the more you can produce, and bring forth.  Your faith is what gives you divine healing, and divine healing is divine health. Leviticus 17:11 ...You are no longer controlled by blood, you are controlled by the Spirit... God bless you #lagoszone2

Waiting upon the Lord will cause the Holy Spirit to quicken you. Learn to be quiet in the presence of God. #OctoberGlobalCommunionService

We are SUPER READY for Shouts to Victory #Sov2018 #Ceashaiman #EWCAVZ5 #CeNunguaGhana

#Highlights from the October Global Communion Service with Our Dear Man of God. Pastor Benny Hinn expounds on the ministry of the Holy Spirit. "The Holy Spirit is the power of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit is the knowledge of the Trinity. Power does not change the hearts of men,  it is only the presence of God that changes men The Holy Spirit is Jesus Unlimited" #CeAccraGhanaZone

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