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Nothing is too hard for me I am born of the word I am a trailblazer I declare that my future is bright The greatness of God is at work in me I am the bright recipient in my school My parents have enough resources to send me to the best schools #studentproclamtions

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godwin thomes


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ella hellen


AUCTION... AUCTION.. AUCTION.. *08141225572* . The Nigeria Custom Auctions Is Up Again and Granting Nigerians the Privilege to Own Vehicles at Affordable Rates. Approved By The Federal Government Of Nigeria, All Individuals Should Note That These Vehicles Are Impounded Due To Smuggling And Improper Importation Which Has Resulted In The Forfeiture Of The Said Property As Penalty For The Illegal Act. Consequently, These Impounded Vehicles Are Now Being Auctioned To Eligible Nigerians These Vehicles Are Currently In The Custom Warehouse Contact Custom *ELLA Hellen on (08141225572) for the purchase NOTE:Bag of rice are available for sell at the rate of #8,500 per bag. Graundnut oils#4,500, delivering cost#1,000 per bag Below are some list of vehicles available E:G GOLF 2, 3,4 ,.=N350,000 to=N 550,000 Toyota Camry Big Daddy=N450,000. Toyota Camry Tiny-Light=N350,000 Toyota venza =N900,000 Toyota Hilux=N850,000 Toyota Avensis=N400,000 Toyota Camry Muscle=N600,000 Toyota Avalon=N550,000 Toyota Rav4 SUV=N650,000 Toyota Sienna=N600,000. Toyota 4Runner=N850,000 Toyota Tundra=N900,000 Toyota Fj Cruisser=N850,000 Toyota Tacoma=N700,000 Toyota picnic=N450,000 Toyota Highlander=N750,000 Toyota Corolla=N450,000 Toyota Prado=N900,000 Toyota LandCruisser=N900,000 Toyota Matrix=N450,000 Toyota Haice Bus=N700,000 Toyota Sequoia=N850,000 Honda Pilot=N700,000 Honda Accord=N560,000 Honda CRV=N800,000 Lexus Rx330=N600,000 Lesus Rx300= N650,000 Lexus Rx320=N700,000 Lexus Rx350=N850,000 Lexus Gx470=N850,000 Ford Escape=N900,000 Ford Explorer=N950,000 Range Rover Sport=N1.5M, Mercedes Benz ML350=N950,000 Mercedes Benz G`Class=N600,000 Mercedes Benz E `Class=N650,000 Mercedes Benz GLK=N1.3m WE ALSO HAVE TRUCKS LIKE, VOLVO, MAN, AND MERCEDES, ALL VEHICLE ENGINE ARE IN GOOD CONDITION. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HOW TO MAKE A PURCHASE, REGISTRATION, CLEARING AND DELIVERING CONTACT THE SALE MANAGER CUSTOM EVANGELIST ELLA Hellen ON (08141225572).THANKS FOR PATRONIZING WITH US.

Gov Natsai



#CEPTAcentral #childrenschurch Ariella is watching and taking notes while celebrating your successes

Just for day to go. I am excited #blwteensministry #TLB #cebayelsa #NSSVZONE1

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WATCH OUT #tbmccessvz1 #blwteensministry #TLB #cebayelsa #NSSVZONE1

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P. A. T. I. E. N. C. E

#CEPTAchildrenschurch Congrats πŸΎπŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰

Pastor @Pbi MA,it's another Special Day to thank you for loving me specially before and After Joining Campus.Thank you so much for the Foundation you gave me to be who I am today.Thank you for always following up on my progress In Life and My siblings.Happy Birthday. I love you

#Agege4christ #lz1wonderful

Happy birthday deaconess ma,You are a wonder,love you mama😍😍😍

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