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HBD to our super CEO and Z. Director, ever loving, ever caring, ever compassionate, a strategic planner, a teacher and processor of champions. Thank u for teaching us how to follow our Man of God with high precision and making us the cynosure of our great nation. We love u #cevi

HBD to our super CEO

Happy Birthday Ma! Thank you ma for your love and kindness towards every member of my family. Thank you ma for being a great inspiration and a very unique leader. I love you too much ma😍😍😍😍

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#imcc2018 #imcc2018nowloading #irepimcc2018 #thankingpastorchris4imcc2018 #appreciatingourspecialimcc2018sponsors #Nssvz1

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR MA. We love and appreciate you most dearly Ma.

Happy birthday ma! I love you so much!!!

Celebrating an archetype of supernatural wisdom, Highly Esteemed CEO, BLW Inc. Director of Healing School, Director Global Youth Leaders Forum. Director of ISM. Director Volunteer Medical Corps, Trauma Care International Foundation #Celebratingsapience #1029 #sapiencechallenge

UK ZONE2 FINISHING STRONG We will do all it takes to achieve and surpass our target as all hands are on deck IJN AMEN

Celebrating excellence - Happy Birthday Pastor Ma. We love you so much. #cebristolukvz4

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