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It's 5 days to go...the 2nd edition of the series of program..WORD ALIVE WITH PASTOR FLOW'.. Get ready Cooperative House! #wordalivewithpastorflow #cecooperativehouse #carle1031 #icelebratemyadvantage

It's 5 days to go...the
Pastor Oge


Fire 🔥 shut up in my bones ...that is my expectation of word alive



We are reeeeeady!!! 🤘

Let's all bring in what we have to feed the Indigent children. We are redeeming on the 3rd of November 2018. Be a part of this DRIVE.

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Celebrating a super star, my love, my sweetheart, my crown, GRACE, beauty, a burning &shining light, an icon of divine wisdom, a passionate giver & soul winner, a good soldier of Jesus Christ, a super mom & an excellent woman. I love you so much my wife & friend. God bless you.

This Sunday is gonna be something else i tell you. Y'all come out with yiur dancing shoes #abeokutaministrycentre #smswithptt #ceAbeokutafooddrive #allpraiseservice

#abeokutaministrycentre #smswithptt #ceAbeokutafooddrive Can't keep quiet its November to remember....

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