Amaka Rachael Mordi (AMARAK): Epic!!! One of the best on KingsChat Web

Epic!!! One of the best highlights of my IPPC2018... These children have been trained to know, see, appreciate, celebrate and engage the anointing. Congratulations Bro Clifford & Sis Oyinlola Williams. Thank you for being a major inspiration in the Haven Nation. We love you.

Epic!!! One of the best

Happy birthday Pastor.I love u #Sazone2 #Durban group #CEPMB

Love u Past Sir #Sazone2 #Durban Group #CEPMB

Before we joined The Haven, God prepared for us. From one individual walking into a Haven Meeting in January 2016 to a cell in June 2016 and now four cells with over 120 members and still counting...we were the ones our Man of God, Pastor Chris, saw when he instituted the Haven.

I love u Sir #Sazone2 #Durban group #CEPMB

Happy birthday to my Regional Pastor,Pastor Kay Adesina. Thank you Sir for saying Yes to God #PKA2211 #CEBARKING #UKVZ4 #UKREGION2

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