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CONGRATULATIONS!!! After 14 years of marriage, our dearest Dcns Chika Okechukwu put to bed a set of twins on the morning of the Unforgettable Experience. We give praise and glory to God! Congratulations to Brother Chinedu & Dcns Chika Okechukwu. Welcome to our beautiful babies. #supernatural #Unforgettableexperience #CELZ5


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UPDATE of Last Global Communion Service With Pastor Chris in The Year of The Supernatural December is the month of "Gathering Sheaves" the man of God declares Click on the link below for details and more news exclusive to Loveworld News. https://loveworldnews.org/s/PvVL603272

DECEMBER; THE MONTH OF GATHERING SHEAVES Glory to God, this is The Month of Gathering the Sheaves. Psalm 126: 6, Gen 27: 7 Sheaf: to bundle together. 👉 There are ideas that the Lord gave you during the year. You need to gather them. Go find those things the Lord spoke to you about and bring them together. This is one of the sheaves. We call it Idea sheaves. Gather them, bind them and review them. God wants to talk to you and update them for you in away that you can act on them and He will give you the inspiration. 👉 Your finances: You have money in different places that you have overlooked. What endeavour did you engage in that you may have overlooked? God wants you to open your mind and gather these sheaves. Gather your money sheaves. You’d be amazed the wealth that’s about to come to you. Ask the Lord to guide you to where you have put money that you don’t remember. Something is about to happen. You’re going to gather these sheaves. And the list is endless. As you pray He will guide you to all these sheaves. He’s about to do something really special in your life. What a blessing that awaits us! Until you gather these sheaves, you may not know the value. You are about to bring out water from the rock! It’s the Month is Gathering Sheaves #CEKenyaZone #HomeofChampions

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